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Precise temperature control and impeccably hygienic conditions

EIGRO offers you a broad range of services relating to hygienic and refrigerated transport:

  • We provide fully equipped vehicles.
  • We design and equip the vehicle you select for hygienic, refrigerated transport.
  • We create practical interiors that are quick and easy to clean. This ensures streamlined logistics and impeccably hygienic conditions.
  • At our workshop, we repair transport refrigeration systems produced by all mainstream manufacturers.
  • We can take care of the necessary inspections and maintenance upon request so that your vehicle complies with all statutory requirements.
  • We offer interior-sanitizing services.

Refrigerated transport for temperatures
between +30°C and -30°C

Refrigerated transport for temperatures
between +30°C and -30°C

The number of products that need to be kept refrigerated is markedly increasing.

This is particularly true of fresh and frozen food.

The logistics sector relies on a wide range of special-purpose vehicles to ensure products arrive as fresh as possible at their destinations. This calls for an uninterrupted cold chain.

Cold chain refers to the system of continuous refrigeration during transport – primarily of food but, increasingly, of medical and chemical products as well – from manufacturer to consumer.

Today’s refrigerated transport vehicles are not only effectively and efficiently insulated and equipped with cutting-edge refrigeration technology – they also use reliable temperature-control equipment (Carrier Data Cold and Euroscan).

We would be happy to explain the various equipment options and control features available: from single-chamber to multichamber vehicles as well as various temperature-recording devices.

We are happy to handle your regularly required maintenance work so you always remain on the safe side.

FRC-certified protective hygienic linings without exposed edges or seams

FRC-certified protective hygienic linings without exposed edges or seams

Our insulation and hygienic installations are laminated by hand. 

The same is true of all mounted components, including shelves and sliding or removable partitions. This eliminates the need for sensitive silicone seams, creating a significant advantage for you when it comes to hygiene, cleaning and maintenance.

Protective hygienic linings can also be built into vehicles without refrigeration systems. Such configurations make it easy to clean vehicles used in the frequent transport of messy loads in the cargo areas, such as those used in farming.